David Jones Half Yearly Clearance Sale

To all our readers

Our blog has moved to our own domain, you can find us at: http://www.globalphotographics.com.au

See you all there

2 Responses to “David Jones Half Yearly Clearance Sale”

  1. Did you know that Alannah Hill uses fur in her designs? I just found out that her collections use real fur that most likely comes from China – where there are no animal rights regulations. Animals that come from fur farms live in horrifying, cramped and filthy conditions only to end their lives by being skinned alive! There’s a petition here to ask Hill to stop killing animals in the name of fashion. Visit the link to find out more.

    • Hi PDB, at the time of writing this article I was not aware that Alannah Hill was in any way using fur in her design. Being a lover of animals I despise any form of cruelty against them. I would be highly interested in signing the petition, please forward further details.

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